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Marketing has been there forever, but now it’s a new dawn it’s the brave new era of social media. Over the past few years, marketing gurus started exploring the newly born school and it simply can’t get any cooler! From monitoring, audiences feedback to designated targeting based on interests, location, age group, etc.

Yet unlike the good old days of advertising, social media isn’t exactly a place for fool players; either you’re out there exploring new techniques, looking to hit the jackpot or you’re simply done!
At the Creative Zone we take pride in being trendsetters, we ain’t no following wannabes and in order to keep things this way we tend to introduce new techniques to the industry, ones that would make your business shine while keeping your audience at ease. Through our -not so little- years in the field we’ve revamped some major techniques and partnered with the big boys in order to make an everlasting impact, and now we’re even back with more! We’re proudly introducing the “Multi-Location” feature to your Facebook business profile, a thing that used to be sort of a myth awhile back but now it’s truly happening as a perk of being one of Facebook’s exclusively listed agencies (Yeah, a little bragging won’t hurt!).

To explain this in a nutshell, it’s a feature that would allow your user to find the nearest location to them if you have multiple branches easily whether they are on their desktops or cell phones; making it a desired feature no matter what your business type is, and trust us when we say it would make people talk about your page for day!.

“To see it in action visit FB/FitandFix or contact us to see what we can offer for your business.”


Ahmad Adam

Creative Copywriter


September 4, 2016


September 4, 2016


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